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Career Development for Vocational Rehab Professionals

Career Development


This training, based on ACRE standards for Employment Specialists, looks at the process of finding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Using a strengths-based approach, attendees learn how to match jobseekers with workforce needs; how to view the employer as a customer; and how to ensure accommodations and support are given to both the employer and new employee.

I look at the glass half full. I love career development, especially when looking at ways to involve the job seeker and help them learn the process. I have over 20 years of working as and with job developers – both in the private non-profit and public sectors.

Discovery and Assessment with Career Seekers


Using a Positive Personal Profile, this training shows how career/work discovery and assessment benefits career seekers, placement specialists and employers.

Working with ex-Offenders


Who hasn’t discovered at some point (usually job development or placement) that an individual has a criminal history? This training examines how to work with a job seeker to obtain employment even with this obstacle.

IPS Supported Employment


In partnership with the state mental health administration while employed with the Maryland VR agency, I assisted with: leadership, development, policy and systems integration for the implementation and dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice in Supported Employment with national recognition (SAMHSA, CMS, SSA, RSA, CSAVR); the design and implementation of a cost study on the delivery of supported employment services in the Public Mental Health System (PMHS):using the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work program to create funding for mental health supported employment providers; and used knowledge of federal, legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to the administration of programs, with specific knowledge of the Medicare program, and the ability to apply this knowledge to advocate for legislative, economic and policy change related to a recovery based structure of mental health care in Maryland.

Self-Employment for People with Disabilities


Be it an LLC, Sole-Proprietorship, micro-enterprise, or customized employment, self-employment offers many valuable benefits for people with disabilities. Self-Employment is a self-determined goal, customized to meet the needs of the person, supported through both paid (employees, contractors, consultants, etc.) and natural (spouses, parents, etc.) supports. With administrative experience reviewing and approving small businesses, and the practical experience of assisting business owners with disabilities in writing and implementing business plans, Mr. Hughes has the knowledge required to help your agency to review, create, train, and implement a comprehensive program for Self-Employment for People with Disabilities.