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Online Training for Your Entire Agency

VRDG online training for agencies empowers your whole team to level up their skills

Many of you are moving abruptly to a remote workforce without all of the tools to do so. Some of you have tight budgets. What is important to us at VRDG and YesLMS is that you get access to online continuing education NOW at a price you can afford. We can help cut through red tape and get you immediate access.

Contact us for information on continuing education courses, bulk purchase discounts, and how the world’s most accessible learning management system, YesLMS, can help you. We will work with your agency to find the right fit, right now.

Save time and money with one plan

By purchasing courses in bulk you can save money. The more you buy, the more you save. You will also save on out-of-office time, travel, consultants and room fees. All the savings without sacrificing content.

Build knowledge anytime, anywhere

With VRDG online training learners are able to learn on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. Rather than relying solely upon software-based courses, they can simply log in to their account and begin learning new skill sets and expanding their knowledge base, without limitations.

Keep your team accountable and motivated

Track your staff’s progress and completion through your admin dashboard or export reports. With each course your staff can climb to the top of your organization’s standings.

Reports and Agency Access

As an agency representative, you or your agent will have access to the “admin area” where you can:

  • Check staff attendance and performance
  • Download staff’s certificates and CRCs Generate reports
  • Have access to staff’s profiles
  • Manage staff access to the courses

Online Course Pricing

Individual Course Cost

$19.99 – $54.99 per course

Technical Details

All course material will be housed on the VR Development Group platform. VRDG and its affiliate YesLMS will provide user and technical support.

YesLMS and the content from the VR Development Group, has become an integral part of on-boarding our new VR professionals into their daily work. The training topics are so specialized and truly dedicated to Vocational Rehabilitation which is hard to find.  The platform provides a vast array of trainings relevant to all aspects of VR.  The content is professional, engaging and accessible.


Agency Bulk Pricing

Large costs savings are possible for your organization if you purchase course registrations in bulk. In addition to costs savings, this offers flexibility for your staff — they can take any course they choose, as long as the total number of course registrations for your organization does not exceed the amount you purchased. A single course registration is consumed each time a staff member registers for any course.

For example, you might have 200 employees and each employee registers for the Caseload Management course. This will count as 200 registrations. Another example is that you have 50 employees and each of them registers for 4 courses of their own choosing. This too will count as 200 registrations.

An example of pricing for bulk registration is per the chart shown below:

Regular price is $44.99 per registration.

# Of AccessesDiscountPer Access CostTotal Cost

Duration of Access

The contract period for bulk purchases of online course registrations will be 12 months. Employees may register for courses of their choosing throughout the 12-month period. Each time an employee registers for a course, a single registration will be consumed and this registration will be active for 6 months or until the end of the 12 month contract period, whichever is sooner. After the 12-month period, any unused access credits will expire.* VRDG and YesYLM will track the number of courses taken.

*Extending beyond the one-year agreement is possible on a case-by-case basis.

Personalized Website

As an option, a custom webpage can be created for access to your organization’s courses. This will provide a seamless portal for your users. This option can be purchased through a one-time fee of $1000.

Our counselors really enjoy the ease of registration, high level of accessibility and the lowest prices available for these classes.  The content is very interactive, engaging and relevant as new courses are frequently developed.

Want to Learn More?

Please tell us a little bit about the organization you represent.

I found the VR Development website to be very accessible and it worked well with my Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The content was professional and relevant and kept me engaged throughout the course, I look forward to accessing additional content for both myself and my staff.