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Dr. Tona Williams


Tona Williams specializes in video production, art and design. With an academic background in Sociology (Ph.D. 2006, University of Wisconsin-Madison) focusing on ethnographic field research and K-12 education, she has since built a freelance business with a broad network of collaborators based in Madison, Wisconsin. Her clients range from large public institutions to small businesses, community organizations and individual artists, including:

Southern Illinois University – vocational rehabilitation training videos and motivational interviewing interview videos
University of Wisconsin-Madison – training videos for the Mindfulness Training for Smokers project
Madison Metropolitan School District – music videos with elementary school students
Habitat for Humanity – promotional documentary video
Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin – promotional documentary video
The River Food Pantry – promotional documentary videos
Cooperative Care home health care co-op – documentary video
NessAlla Kombucha – promotional videos and design
Girl Scouts USA – camera work
Planned Parenthood – camera work

Tona can consult with you to understand your video project needs, and based on the focus and scope will bring in other professionals as necessary for production planning, script writing, acting, technical crew and post-production. As part of her network of actors and crew, she works with comedy writers and performers who specialize in bringing a playful side to serious topics. Project components could include:

Training Videos
Formal Interviews
Educational Comedy Sketches
Project Consultation and Script Writing
DVD Creation