Jeannie Miller

BA in Special Education, MA in VR Counseling

    Jeanne Miller, Director of UA CURRENTS, has worked in continuing education and consulting with the University of Arkansas since 1991. Prior to her UA service she has been a secondary level special education teacher, rehabilitation counselor and program administrator with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services’ Office for the Deaf. Jeanne graduated with a BA in Special Education from the University of Florida and an MA in VR Counseling from Gallaudet University. Her greatest contribution and delight is the development of future leaders and serving as a mentor in career development, program and curriculum design. A lover of art and nature, Jeanne shares her home in the woods with her husband, Marshall, a sculptor, and two cats. She gladly visits her adult children in Atlanta and New York City, to get a dose of the high school scene with her two teenage grandsons and a taste of the urban life.