Jeffrey Hughes

MA in Education

    Jeffrey Hughes has provided services in various disability fields over the last 15 years. Starting as a caregiver for a private Medicaid Waiver provider, he held positions as QIDP and Behaviorist before starting his career in Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Starting as a counselor, Mr. Hughes went on to the VR training department, leading the agency’s training and professional development activities, including the responsibilities of CSPD and In-Service Training Grant, for several years. During this time, Mr. Hughes participated in several important initiatives within the agency, including creation and implementation of a protocol for a ‘virtual office program,’ oversight of the state’s Vehicle Modification Program, creation and oversight of a Resource Facilitation Program for Customers with Brain Injury, and review of Home Modification and Self-Employment customer requests.

    Having a personal and familial history of business ownership, Mr. Hughes left the state VR agency in early 2014 to pursue the creation of a program to improve Self- Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities. He has a MA in Education from Indiana University – Indianapolis, a Home Modification Evaluator certificate, and is currently obtaining training in business administration. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and three children.