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Ignite your next conference or event with a keynote speech from vocational rehabilitation expert Linda Hedenblad.

Critical Thinking in the VR Process Webinar Series Part 4

About Linda

Linda Hedenblad, MSE, CRC, (MINT) is the founder of VR Development Group. She is a nationally renowned vocational rehabilitation expert whose presentations are informative and engaging.

Learn more about Linda on her website,, or contact her via the form below.

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Linda recently presented at a Medical and Health Symposium in Ohio. Those in attendance included doctors, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, and healthcare administrators, among others.

Here’s what they had to say!

Wow! This is the best session on Ethics I have ever attended in 45 years as a nurse, business manager, etc. Linda is amazing. Please invite her back again. Wow just wow. Thank you Linda.

I thought the presenter was wonderful. She made me laugh. It felt as though the presentation was interactive, even though it was not an interactive format. Thank you for providing the material for the presentation.

This is by far the best presentation I have ever heard!! The topics and way things have been explained has taught me so many things that I never thought of or was not aware of!! I would like to hear more topics from Linda Hedenblad, Please.

Beautiful presentation! Helpful, human, compassionate comments to questions. Thank you!

This was easily my favorite seminar from the entire symposium. The presenter was spectacular, and the content was familiar yet new, and very interesting.

The speaker was so captivating and fun that I missed the first check point! She made a very dry topic come to life. Thank you.

What a thought-provoking session that really makes me re-evaluate my thoughts on my own ethics, personally and professionally. I was so surprised to learn what a high percentage of us believe we are more ethical than others! Thank you for a great presentation.

Extremely insightful on the origin, process, action (behavior) and impact of thoughts that modulate ethical decisions. The role and importance of setting boundaries were superbly explained.

Thank you for making this topic interesting! You related the information in a way that was fun and understandable, not stuffy.

Excellent presentation, the speaker was able to connect with people with ethics content on a personal and professional level. The examples of dual relationships were very good. Getting down to basics, ethics always starts with you, is a theme we should all try to model.

Great job! I haven’t heard an ethics presentation this impactful and helpful. I will be able to carry this information over into my further and I believe this shift in understanding may have a lasting positive impact on my personal thinking and how I approach my patients. Thank you.

Linda was a wonderful speaker!! I was interested from beginning to end, I actually was sad to hear that she was done speaking. That is the fastest time any class has felt to me! Thank you Linda, for analogies and humor. That really hit home.

The Georgia Rehabilitation Association thanks you for helping make our 2019 annual training conference a success! Your presentation on Building Flexibility & Resilience While Managing Change was well received, as evidenced by the standing ovation you received from all our attendees! The conference hosted over 200 rehabilitation professionals, and, thanks to you, they left with much needed information and resources to continue and improve the provision of quality services to individuals with disabilities. Thank you for all the work you do in this important arena.

Linda was a fantastic and essential addition to our professional development training plan here on campus. She was easy to work with and willing to align content with current needs. Both the keynote and breakout presentations connected with employees across departments. She was genuine and sincere when responding to audience questions and issues they said they were facing in the workplace. Many comments have come back to our planning committee wanting more information. I would not hesitate to bring her back to campus for future trainings and seminars.