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VR Development Group

The VR Development Group provides complete, cost-effective and efficient training and consulting to vocational rehabilitation counselors across North America.

Technology Trends and Developments: Why These Are Important For VR Personnel
Woman in Wheelchair Taking VR Development Group Courses

Continuing Education for Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals

Watch videos, take interactive quizzes, and learn important information relevant to today’s VR professionals. Best of all, our online courses allow you to learn on your schedule. Earn CRC credits online and on your time.

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Webinars for Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals

Stay up to date on Vocational Rehabilitation topics with our webinar series. You’ll have the opportunity to ask our resident experts questions, engage with other attendees and gain CRC credit at a great price.

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Ethics for Community Rehabilitation Providers

Consulting for Vocational Rehabilitation programs

Our expert consultants are available to help your Vocational Rehabilitation Agency perform better. From management and leadership training to counseling techniques like Motivational Interviewing, we have a group of professionals who can assist your team today.

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YesLMS: A Fully Accessible LMS for Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists

Our cloud-based LMS, YesLMS is powerful, simple to use and 100% accessible. Learn how you can add this robust tool to your training program.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Training

We offer a wide variety of training courses for everyone in your agency. Executives, support staff and counselors can all benefit from the topics covered in our convenient online courses.

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Keynote Speakers for Vocational Rehabilitation Conferences and Events

Do you need a speaker or facilitator for your next conference or training session? Linda Hedenblad, co-founder of VR Development Group, is nationally recognized for her insightful and engaging keynotes.

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“We had our entire team at Employment Resources Inc. take the online Ethics Course through the VR Development Group. The course is well-designed, easy to use and offers real-life examples of the types of ethical decisions people encounter in their work. The course was meaningful and relevant to people with all different roles with our agency, from the  finance director to office manager and of course, to our benefits specialists. This was a flexible, cost effective way for us to ensure robust ethics training including a discussion of boundaries and confidentially for our team.”

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